Introduction to Mensuration

Introduction to Mensuration: 

Mensuration is a section of mathematics that studies geometric figure calculation and its parameters such as area, length, volume, lateral surface area, surface area, etc. It covers the principles of calculation & discusses all the essential equations & properties of various geometric shapes & figures.

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What is Mensuration?

Mensuration is a part of geometry. Mensuration deals with the size, density of different forms both 2D & 3D forms, and the distinction in them.

If a shape is surrounded by three or more straight lines in a plane surface, then it is a 2-D shape. And such shapes are having only length and breadth. If a shape is surrounded by a number of surfaces or planes then it is termed a 3-D shape. These are having depth, breadth, and length.

Formulas for Mensuration:

Formulas for Mensuration

Important terms to be used in Mensuration:

Area(A): The area is called the surface occupied by a defined closed region. It is defined by the letter A and expressed in a square unit.

Perimeter(P): The total length of the boundary of a figure is called its perimeter. Perimeter is determined by only two-dimensional shapes or figures. It is the continuous line along the edge of the closed vessel. It is represented with P and measured in square units.

Volume(V): The width of the space contained in a three-dimensional closed shape or surface, such that, the area by a room or cylinder. V stands for volume and it is measured in cubic metre.

Curved surface area(CSA): The curved surface area is the area of the only curved surface, ignoring the base and the top such as a sphere or circle.

Lateral surfaces are(LSA): The calculation of the total area of all surfaces is called the cumulative surface region in a closed shape. Lateral surfaces are the layers covering the artifact.

Total surface area(TSA): The calculation of the total area of all surfaces. Add up all the six surfaces of the cuboid and get its total surface area.

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