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A vaccine helps to prevent many severe and terminal illnesses. Vaccines help prevent such diseases by developing your immunity. When you have strong immunity, you can easily tackle diseases without getting sick. 

What is Immunity?

Immunity is your body’s capability to resist diseases. If you have a strong immune system, then you will rarely fall sick. A weak immunity makes you more prone to diseases and illnesses. That is why it is necessary to develop a strong immunity for your body. 

You can build strong immunity in many ways. Your lifestyle, food habits, and living conditions have a massive effect on your health. Age is also a major factor that affects your immune system. One needs to follow a disciplined diet and habits to build a healthy body and boost immunity. 

Your immune system might not be able to form the proper antibodies for certain diseases. That is when you need vaccines to resist these diseases. 

Immune Response

How the Immune System tackles Diseases:

So, how do vaccines work? To know that, you should understand how the immune system of your body works. Your body recognizes the foreign body when a disease-causing bacteria or virus invades it. The foreign germ is called an antigen. Your body creates a protein, known as antibodies, to fight the antigen. The antibodies fight with the antigens to prevent you from falling sick. However, if your immune system is weak, then the antibodies do not succeed, and you get diagnosed with the disease. 

While some diseases are common and have treatments, some diseases can be fatal. Sometimes, when you fall ill because of an antigen and recover from it, your body naturally develops the antibodies to resist the same in the future. It can be the case with dengue or chickenpox. However, you cannot take the chance with fatal diseases, and vaccines stand necessary for that. 


How Vaccines Work:

Vaccines work somewhat similarly to your immune system. 

Vaccines introduce a killed or weaker form of the antigen to the body. Your body recognizes it and creates the antibodies to fight it. These antibodies kill the weakened germs and prevent you from falling sick. Antibodies stay on, boosting your immunity and ready to tackle the germ in the future. 

Vaccines help you to build the antibodies and boost your immunity, and you don’t have to fall sick. When it comes to dangerous viruses like polio, you do not want to take a chance. That is why vaccines are necessary to provide a seal of protection against these germs and viruses. 

Vaccines as the Need of the Hour

In the post-COVID world, vaccines stand as a necessity. Various organizations and universities of the world are competing to create a vaccine against the Wuhan virus. Most of the vaccines are still in the process of trials. It might take a few years to finally develop the one that saves the world. Several premium institutions and organizations are showing promising results. The virus is constantly changing its DNA, that is another reason the vaccines are getting delayed.

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